Self Assembly: The Science of Things That Put Themselves Together

Click to purchase at A self-contained, up-to-date, and interdisciplinary introduction to the emerging science of self-assembly, this definitive book explores nature's self-assembly of structures, the use of it to build engineered systems, and the latest advances in the field. It features profiles of leading self-assembly researchers and includes instructions for simple, hands-on activities to be performed in the lab or classroom. With exercises at the end of each chapter, the book illustrates key concepts, patterns, and structures with more than 150 figures, including 14 in full color.


Modeling MEMS and NEMS

Click to purchase at Amazon.comDesigning small structures necessitates an understanding of various device behaviors. The way to gain that understanding is to build, analyze, and interpret the proper mathematical models. Through such models, this book illuminates microscale and nanoscale phenomena, and thereby facilitates the design and optimization of micro- and nanoscale devices. Each chapter focuses on a set of devices that share a common feature. The authors abstract that feature and present the mathematical tools needed to model it. This treatment not only provides the background and tools needed to design and optimize microdevices but also helps develop the intuitive understanding that can lead to developing new and better designs and devices.

The Latest News

Building slowly... (6/21/07)

I had hoped to have this new website up and running concurrent with the May 15, 2007 release of Self Assembly: The Science of Things That Put Themselves Together, but as you can tell, I'm a bit behind schedule. Over the next few weeks, I'll be fleshing out this site. Please check back often!

New Nano Web-Portal

There is an exciting new web portal hosted by Taylor & Francis  for anyone interested in nanoscience. Check it out here. A cool new feature is the "slidecast." Here's mine on self-assembly.